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About us

StarMeUp provides you with critical data and insights to drive successful transformations and create a high-performing work culture. Our technology fosters a high level of employee participation that forms a true sense of belonging, creating a strong social tissue throughout the organization. From helping you better understand your organizational dynamics, to empowering key players, AI and analytics are at the core of everything we do.

Our Clients

Our client's experiences represent a source of valuable information about the journey that companies undergo, and are a great way to share better practices and to also inspire other leaders to develop successful initiatives in their organizations.
Through our customers´ success stories, StarMeUp provides real and practical examples of people who transformed their organizational culture with the power of technology and using AI to enhance human relationships.


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StarMeUp Transforms Organizations by

Overcoming Human Limitations

The technology and AI behind the OS enables employees to overcome typical geographical or structural limitations and lets the best versions of themselves shine through, making them not only more engaged and satisfied, but also more significant contributors to the organization.

Giving Everyone a Voice

Employees can recognize their colleagues for everyone to see, provide constructive feedback in real-time, share special moments across the organization, and suggest ideas for innovation, all in the moment when their voice can have the greatest impact.

Shining the Spotlight

Shining the Spotlight Having employees who are true influencers and change agents is invaluable. StarMeUp helps identify these individuals and empowers them to make an even greater impact, regardless of their title or location.

Driving Change with Data

All of the organizational interactions are captured, making previously undetected dynamics visible. Insights bring to light opportunities for change all the way from the organizational to the individual level.