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Help your team reach their career goals faster through peer-to-peer feedback and a real-time view of their performance.


Diversity of insights

Getting feedback from various colleagues you interact with gives you a better understanding of your performance and more diverse and insightful recommendations on how to grow.

Achieving goals faster

With real-time feedback you have a better understanding of which strengths you can leverage and how to better overcome opportunities to improve.

Accelerating company growth

Empowering employees with insights to develop and reach their goals faster has a multiplicative effect for the company growth and cultural transformation.

Key development challenges

BetterMe helps solve

Developing your expertise

Continuous pulse on performance

One of the biggest employee frustrations is not having clarity of how well they are performing.By getting ongoing feedback from colleagues it is easier for employees to have a holistic view of their performance in real-time.

Career Growth

Careers are becoming less traditional.Instead of guiding employees on how to get to the “next step”, we help them discover their strengths and passion, providing more insights for them to build their best career path.

Developing your expertise

With increased usage of AI and technologies evolving the skills sets people need to be successful in business is changing.This is why it is important to identify the areas employees need to develop and give them insights on how to do it more quickly.
Career Growth
Developing your expertise
Career Growth

Organizations needmore accessible feedback:

Seventy percent of employees have felt limited from giving more feedback at their organization.In the same vein, nearly three-fourths (72%) said they are not satisfied with their organization’s current feedback process in key areas like career development (73%) and job performance (70%).

Insightful feedbackaccelerates career growth:

Encouraging feedback from a wider range of people across all levels of the organization brings development opportunities to light faster.Three-fourths of the managers surveyed (73%) learned their direct reports’ management skills were not as effective as they thought they were.