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Keep a better pulse on the mood of your employees and the changing organizational dynamics through surveys. Ignite change management through giving your employees a space to propose initiatives and ideas, making innovation a daily practice.


Employee surveys

An agile employee survey software that gives organizations a better understanding of their employee sentiment. It has never been more important to have open communication with employees and give them a way to share their opinions and feelings, not only as a way to improve performance, but also their wellbeing.

Idea generation

The best ideas can come from all corners of your organization. Your employees can share ideas in real time and solicit input from their peers, allowing you to quickly crowdsource innovative ideas.

Platform highlights

Optimised for desktop, mobile or tablet. You can focus surveys on teams, locations, departments, etc. Responses or ideas can be anonymous or transparent, and results can be viewed in real-time.

How employee input can

optimize your culture

Active participation

What do your employees really think about your culture?

Through surveys get a holistic understanding about your employee experience and their opinion of your culture.

Better understand and shape your employee journey

Keep track of employee sentiment starting with onboarding through all the various stages of their lifecycle. Leverage these insights to create a high performing culture.

Active participation

Make innovation a habit throughproviding a dynamic space for employees to make suggestions and seeing their ideas come to life in near real-time.
Better understand and shape your employee journey
Active participation
Better understand and shape your employee journey

Connect with your employeessentiment in real-time

Opening a door to ongoing conversationsvia surveys helps strengthen engagement and quickly resolve challenges as they occur. Build better engagement and productivity and increase wellbeing.