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StarMeUp encourages the development of strong organizational cultures, accelerating the growth of companies and empowering their talent. Our solutions allow organizations to achieve the best results through innovative technology. innovative technology.These are some of the companies that share our passion for culture and are using our applications daily:

Case studies

Galicia Bank, the largest private bank in Argentina, is a leader in an industry that requires innovative solutions to keep customers happy.What is the bank’s strategy? Create a positive employee experience that filters down to its customers. How do they do it? Find out in our latest customer success story

As one of the fastest-growing financial services companies in Argentina, Banco Supervielle is undergoing a profound transformation. To ensure its success, the leadership team wanted to know how its employees were living out its corporate values, and who were the influencers within the organization to best spread the news about changes underway. In a nutshell, Supervielle needed hard data and analytics to navigate its transformation process successfully, which is why the bank chose StarMeUpOS as a partner for this transformation.Discover how Supervielle used technology to help shape its culture in this case study

Grupo Santander uses StarMeUp to spread the corporate culture and acknowledge the people who represent it best. How does it work? Let’s find out in the Employee Recognition case study

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