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Frequently Asked Questions


For what types of companies is StarMeUp the best fit?

Companies of different sizes, across various industries use StarMeUp to build the best culture through placing employee recognition in the spotlight, developing their employees, improving communication and accelerating innovation.

While the OS has a great impact regardless of the lifecycle a company is in, we have seen that StarMeUp is especially valuable for companies going through a digital transformation or through a stage of growth.

Does StarMeUp have similar adoption across age groups?

One of our key goals when building the operating system is to make sure it is intuitive and easy to use, so that employees across different age groups have a positive experience. We continue to monitor and measure user engagement to assure that our users, no matter the demographic, have a positive experience across the operating system.

Do you offer free trials?

To find the best way to assess how our system can have a positive impact on your organization, please contact us and one of our representatives will reach out to you immediately to understand your goals and find the best way to get started.

What systems is StarMeUp integrated with?

StarMeUp works with many systems and for instance is integrated with Google, Workplace, and HipChat. We are always working on adding new integrations and prioritize them based on the need of our clients, making sure we continue to partner with the most relevant technologies in the market.